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About HopInTown
Experentia. Its what we call the experience of magical moments. A birthday celebration for your child, a wedding anniversary with your spouse, a jazz concert with your close friends, a meeting with college mates at a cricket ground, a date with someone special, a festival celebration with your family & relatives, a photography tour of a wildlife santuary, an adventure getaway to a nearby location …
the list is endless.
How far will you go to create memorable moments in your life and those close to you … Well, you don’t need to go too far. You can bank on us to bring together diversified experiences & activities on one platform so that you can discover, select and purchase with ease. You live only once ... live it momentously. make memories & cherish them. Let’s explore experiences & activities in your residential city or destination city
An exclusive way to discover
the world of experiences & activities
At HopInTown, we bring together diversified experiences & activities, all year round, in a residential or destination city. We strive to ensure that you spend less time doing research on what you want to do in a city, at any point of time. We transparently bring out all the relevant details of every experience & activity so that you have all the information handy to make a swift decision. We care about you so that you can spend more time enjoying the memorable moments with your loved ones. We want to make your overall experience better
One Stop Hub
We bring together experiences & activities, across diversified categories, all year round. They are available at your fingertips so that you can easily discover, select, purchase, enjoy, share & recommend. It’s all here.
Fair Price
Though memorable moments are priceless, we offer fair price (jointly with service providers) so that you get value for money.
Trust, Safety & Security
We take utmost care in choosing, validating and verifying the service providers to ensure that you are safe & secure at all times while you enjoy.
Care, Comfort & Delight
We handhold you from pre-purchase to post-experience all through your experience journey. While all information is made available online at your fingertips, our customer experience team is available through phone, mail or chat, to discuss personally and make you comfortable.

In 2014, three musketeers came together to figure out how we can enrich our lives in our residential city or when we travel on business or leisure to a destination city. How can we get over the mundane and make memories with people that matter to us – be it family, friends, colleagues, common interest groups, solo or with favourite partner.

In this process of research & discovery, we were amazed to find a lot of people around us facing similar pain-point & looking for ways to improve their lifestyle as locals & travelers. This journey laid the foundation of “hopintown” as a one-stop-hub for various experiences & activities, that one can indulge in a residential city or destination city, through-out the year.

And we never looked back as we thoroughly enjoy the process of enriching lives of people with memorable moments, joy, happiness and awesome experiences. We are truly blessed to do & deliver things that makes the world a better place to live in.
We could not have asked for more.

HopInTown is a venture of Koolrootz Interactive Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai.