Membership Card Redemption

Enter details below and check card validity

  • Membership card redemption is a 2 step process in case you have bought the card from HopInTown Partner Network

  • The payment has already been made at the time of purchase so you just need to redeem it in 2 steps

  • Step 1 (Check Validity) : Enter 16-digit card number and 6-digit PIN, click on "Check Validity"

  • Step 2 (Redeem) : If the card is valid, you will asked to enter details of the person who will be the member, click on "Redeem"

  • On successful redemption, the HopInTown Membership Helpdesk Team will connect with the member to get him or her started

  • The person (whose details have been submitted on the redemption page) will become the member and will receive all further communication regarding the membership

  • You can contact Helpdesk Team [ call or ] in case you need any assistance in redemption